About Me

About Me

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My name is Alex Gold.

High School

I began my musical journey when my parents bought me a drum set.  While I’m not sure they understood the natural repercussions of pairing a teenager with a drum set in the basement, I took quite a shining to it.  Within a few months time I added an acoustic guitar to the mix, and I haven’t looked back since.  Bass and piano came along as side hobbies and have been growing ever since.

Around the same time, having started high school, I took a interest in mathematics.  Being otherwise unoccupied in my free time (aside from also learning web design for fun), I would often try to push my math classes’ work into new areas and explore new applications.  I eventually went through Calculus AB and BC, which were both entirely too fun for their own good.


Entering into college (initially as a mathematics student, but then transferring to philosophy and theology) brought new areas of interest.  I had the chance to study philosophy in a formal setting for a first time as well as to begin my studies in Greek and Hebrew.  While I had suspected language to be a necessary evil, I soon realized that it was actually a brilliantly interesting subject matter.

Seminary and Beyond

Seminary, then, served to strengthen my main areas of study – still pursuing music, and growing deeply in language and philosophy.  From there I’ve worked at several private schools teaching Latin and mathematics while also striking out on my own doing what I do best – building relationships with kids and teaching the subjects I love.

A Lifetime of Education

Master of Divinity; Focus on Ancient/Classical Language and Philosophy

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY December 2013

I really used my years in Seminary to hone my knowledge of linguistics – Southern Baptist has some of the top scholars in the world in Greek, Hebrew, and Latin, and I have taken the hardest classes available in each one. More than that, I dedicated to it, creating materials for my classmates with streamlined morphological charts. The whole time, I also pursued music as a side hobby with lessons.

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies; Minor in Ancient and Classical Languages

Northwestern College, St. Paul, MN May 2011 G.P.A.

My undergraduate saw me focusing mainly on philosophy and theology (including classes on ethics, logic, etc.). The last years also saw an intense focus on language, which culminated my senior year in working as a Greek tutor for the school, the Teacher’s Assistant in first-year Greek, and wining the Zondervan award in Ancient and Classical Language for the year (the funds from which, of course, I spent buying additional textbooks on Greek). I also worked for Tutor.com as a tutor in mathematics and English essay writing.

A Youth Worker Since My Youth

Youth Ministry

First Baptist Church of Anoka, 2007-Present

I began working with youth the same time I began college at Northwestern. The youth group had a leader leave the same week I arrived, and I was thrown right in working with a group of middle school boys. Since then, I’ve had my fair share of teaching Bible to the youth group at large, forming friendships that have lasted for years (those Jr. High boys are now graduated!), leading the music, and mostly just learning how young minds work and how to work with them. I also worked with K-5th grade students in a church program during my Seminary days, which was quite an endearing experience.

Working with Families

My time working with youth – in youth ministry, private K-12 schools, and as a gymnastics coach – has also taught me about connecting with parents. In fact, I have to say that connecting with families as a whole was one of my favorite parts of both of those experiences, and one which I’m hoping to continue in private practice. It was also feedback from these families that convinced me to take the leap of faith it takes to venture out as a private tutor.

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No Strings Attached

After experiencing the first free lesson, you are under no obligation to continue. Though, of course, I hope you’ll want to do so!

What We Will Accomplish

The first lesson of any subject, of course, depends to a fair degree on the subject matter; more information therein can be found on any specific topic’s page (see “Subjects” in the menu header above).  Still, it is worth saying that my approach to the first lesson is, in some ways, the same for every subject: first, to inspire them to what they are seeking; second, to show them a basic map of how we’ll get there; and third, to give them the first step in the journey.  And, if all goes well, to have a laugh at the same time!

The Bottom Line

I would love to hear from you and see how I can help your student(s) learn.  I can come to your home (especially if you’re near Osceola, WI or Anoka, MN) at a time that works for you and see how we can work together. You can send me a message here: Contact Me.