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Ancient and Classical Languages

Classical Latin

Classical Latin

Sentence Village (See below)

Lingua Latina: a textbook written entirely in Latin that helps kids get used to reading entire pages at a time.

New Testament Greek

Sentence Village (See below)

Basics of Biblical Greek: the most common NT Greek grammar in the nation, and for good reason!

Old Testament Hebrew

A Modern Grammar for Biblical Hebrew

(Taught 5th-12th for two years; professor of Latin at UNWSP since 2016)

Latin and Greek use “Sentence Village,” a curriculum I wrote
as a fun analogy of kids (and owls, french people, and more!).

I have used it on everyone from 3rd grade through college students;
even the older ones acknowledged that it was quite useful!

Latin especially benefits from the combination of Sentence Village for ease of parsing, sentence diagramming, etc.,
along with Lingua Latina to provide all the reading material we could ever need!

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