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Mathematics (with college credit!)

(Taught full-time four years)

Currently accepting grades 3-12.

Uses Kingdom Math, my own curriculum written specifically for homeschooling.

Closed classes may request any curriculum.

Earn up to a year of college credit via our Calculus class!

Kingdom Math has a few main benefits that set it apart from the other available curricula:

  1. Every student will finish every year knowing 100% of the content perfectly.
  2. This is accomplished with half  (or less!) as much as homework as most textbooks out there.
  3. The lessons themselves are 2-3 minute long videos, easily understood and straight to the point.

Curious how it works?  Check out the details under each heading below!

(Any class with me includes a free subscription to Kingdom Math, usually around $100 per year!)

The single greatest problem in math education today is long-term retention; it’s expected that most kids will cram lessons, take a test, and then forget  it all – simply to repeat the same process every year after year, feeling more lost each time.

Our system makes every problem review both intelligently and permanently; so, even while they generally have less homework is than other systems, they still finish every year with 100% perfect retention of every concept they have ever learned (including previous years)!

This has a monumental impact on their ability to retain information for standardized tests (like the ACT and SAT), college entrance exams, etc.

Most math curricula – even the online ones – have a set path through each book.  If a student is struggling on an earlier concept, they are still forced to progress in that area; this ends with confusion and frustration.

Our system, on the other hand, tracks every problem over the year; when they have mastered one problem, it unlocks the next one in the sequence.  If they need more time with a particular problem, they get it – so every lesson they get is one they are perfectly ready to learn!

No one likes reading pages of abstract text on a page.  Nor is it helpful when videos take 10 or 15 minutes to explain what should be a simple concept.

My video lessons are usually 1-3 minutes long.   If a problem would take 10 minutes to explain, it generally means I split it up into multiple pieces and let them absorb each over days and weeks – which is not only faster but is much easier in the end!

I used a traditional textbook the first years I taught; like every other math teacher, I had the “smart” kids who had A’s, the “normal” kids with B’s, and the “struggling” kids with C’s and D’s.

When I launched Kingdom Math in my classroom, it took about 2 weeks for many of those C and D students to be at an A (which they stayed at for years afterwards).  Others took a month or two.  But there was not a single student who was willing to work at it that walked out with anything less than an A – in fact, many of the old “struggling” students turned out to be some of the best math students I had!

It’s all about review.  Curricula are built to teach a concept and then ignore it for a year until it shows up again.  A few kids are gifted enough to remember it over that gap; most are not.  But by using my review system, even those kids realized that they were far better at math than they previously thought.

When I taught at a traditional school, even the most driven math students were locked in a cycle of “one math subject per year.”  This was partly due to the typical school need to keep classes together and also because every textbook section had 15-30 homework problems even if the student understood it fully after the first one or two.

Kingdom Math, especially in a homeschool setting, eliminates these issues in a few ways:

  1. Each lesson only needs to be done correctly once when it shows up (and it shows up less and less as they gain proficiency in it).  So when they get it, they can move on – absolutely no busy work to slow them down.
  2. Because they finish each year with full retention, they automatically skip all of the needless review that each textbook normally has – which is generally 30-50% of the entire book!
  3. The individualized progression system means that every new lesson they do is specifically chosen as the best possible lesson for them at that moment – which greatly reduces the time spent actually learning the lessons.

What does this mean?  It’s pretty typical for my students to do all of middle-school math in a single year.  Give me a hard-working, mathematically-minded 6th grader, and it is fully possible for them to finish Calculus by the time they enter high school (at which point they could CLEP out and earn two semesters of college credit already).

Kids love games.  Adults love games.  So, coming soon, Kingdom Math will have a full kingdom-building game built into it.

Details will come as we have time to build it, but the basic idea is that each problem they unlock is a city they build on a world map.  Each such city gives them gold each day that they can spend in their main castle to research technologies, train gladiators for (non-violent) games, make investments, etc.

I am beyond excited to start this project in the next few months and we’ll see where it goes, but I’m positive it will have a lot of kids absolutely begging to get more lessons to unlock their next villages!

Interested? Have any Questions? Let me know!

Email me at alex@aurum.ac