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Individual K-12 Courses, Clubs, Sports, and Music in Osceola, Wisconsin.
One hour twice per week (September - May) 6 maximum students Recommended for Grades 9 - 12 $450/year ($6.25/hr) Taught by Alex Gold
Economics is the study of monetary value. It covers such ideas as barter and trade, the use of currency, the idea of banks, investments, loans, goods and services, supply and demand, and so on.

The purposes of this class will not be to 'major in the minors' by dwelling in the more advanced mathematical side of the discipline but to understand the concepts involved and so be able to apply them both in one's personal life, their understanding of political talking points, and so on.

Special intent will be made to 'gamify' the learning as much as possible - as playing a classroom game built off of the concepts will lead to not only a more integrated understanding of cause and effect within these systems but also a much more excited outlook on continuing to learn about them in the rest of life!

It is preferable (though not necessary) that students take Introduction to Philosophy before taking this course.

* This course is currently waiting for additional students. Please contact us if you are interested!

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