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New Testament Greek
One hour twice per week (September - May) 6 maximum students Recommended for Grades 9 - 12 $450/year ($6.25/hr) Taught by Alex Gold
Classical (Attic) Greek - Plato, Socrates, etc. - was once stuck in one tiny little area. Then Alexander the Great (which is a great name!) conquered basically everything and everyone started speaking it. They simplified it down, and a few hundred years later we have the New Testament style of Greek. Thankfully, it's much simpler than Latin!

I teach Greek mainly with Mounce's "Basics of Biblical Greek." I've created a verb chart that makes the verb side of things much, much easier than any other Greek text I've seen (as confirmed by many college students who have used it) and depending on the audience I will sometimes use a minimal version of "Sentence Village" to help with nouns (see the Latin class description for more on that).

That being said, it should be simple enough that any high schooler could handle it. The only real requirement is that they are mature enough to do a careful, intentional 20 minutes a day or so of review to maintain all of their paradigms, endings, etc. So it's not an "easy" class, but it's certainly doable.

More to the point - the ability to open your Greek New Testament and read exactly what Peter or Paul or John wrote is just a fantastic feeling. Every Christian should consider this journey if they have the occasion to do so.

Students should be in high school; adults are also welcome!

* This course is currently waiting for additional students. Please contact us if you are interested!

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