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Frequently asked questions

We are not a 'traditional' school.

Rather, we allow students to match with individual teachers and coaches around the community to create the perfect education for them.

This way you can take whatever you would like without having to take all your classes from one place.

For academic classes, this is still considered homeschool credit (with academic tutors).

The good news is that we're here to help with any particular subjects you might have trouble with.

Additionally, we have Rachel Madrigal as our homeschool counselor to help you navigate this transition!
She is also the head of Classical Conversations in this region, so she can give you information on that co-op as well if you'd like.

Go to the home page, click on a category (academics, sports, etc.), and click on the name of the class for which you'd like to register.

If it is a class with live registration, you'll get a new window with a big red 'Register' button on the right.
Make sure you finish checking out - you should get a confirmation email with your order!

If you see the class details in a big grey box instead, it means we are waiting for more interest to put the course up for registration.
Let us know if your student is interested in these and it may turn into a 'live' class!

Our academic side tends to focus on day-time classes for the nearby homeschool community.

However, the sports, clubs, etc. are offered to everyone!

Absolutely! All of our teachers and coaches are simply people from the area who know things about things.

You can set your own schedule, rates, maximum/minimum student count, etc.

Listing a class/sport is completely free, so there's no harm in trying.

Can you teach about cars? Lead a nature hike? Teach phonics to younger students?

We handle everything - including advertising - so you just have to teach them when they show up.

We are in the process of finding a building and land (hopefully for this Fall!).
If we get that, we hope to host most of the classes and sports in one property for the ease of family travels.

However, individual teachers can also choose to host from their house (especially with things like horseback riding that require special facilities).

Ultimately, the cost of each class or activity are set by individual teachers and coaches.

This allows them to take into account the size of the class, material costs, etc. which vary from subject to subject.

You can see the cost of each course (and the availability of any payment plan) on each course before making payments (though seeing the payment plan specifics requires clicking "register" first, though you can always cancel it before officially submitting that registration and paying).

Using Sawyer Tools (our registration/payment software), each class will be charged separately on its own individual terms.

So just sign up for whatever you'd like and we'll handle the details!

Absolutely! Academic classes have a free payment plan that charges once per month throughout the year.

Many other sports, music, etc. classes operate week to week instead.

Individual teachers may offer lower prices if you are a family in need. If in doubt, it never hurts to ask.

To get in touch with a particular teacher, click the yellow 'Taught By' button on each class page!

There are two parts to our refund policy.

If you decide to back out of a class within the first two sessions, you can get a total refund for those two sessions.

In addition, you can stop a class at any time and receive back anything you've paid towards future sessions of that class.

Refunds are generally given as gift card credit but can be put back on a credit card on a case-by-case basis.

Teachers are required to list their education and related work experience. We do not require college degrees or any particular work experience, but families are absolutely free to choose who they would like to work with based on those criteria.

Every teacher must pass an industry-standard background check to work with us (the same criteria as public schools, sports coaches, and so on).

Additionally, it is an absolute requirement for teaching with us that a second adult must be present at all times (a child's parent would be sufficient).
Any teacher breaking this rule may be immediately removed from the Academy listing (as judged on a case-by-case basis).

We also collect regular evaluations of teachers from families to help screen for any issues and encourage parents to reach out with any concerns!

Our main goal with Covid policies is to simply let families have the freedom to choose what is best for them. They may wear a mask if they like, of course, but we are not making it mandatory unless a specific law forces it. With our current location plans, the mandate is not in effect (as it is in a personal residence and thus exempted).

That being said, our homeschool classes are quite small (six kids or less); additionally, kids are usually only on location 2-6 hours a week (instead of 40). Because of these factors, covid issues will be exponentially less problematic than at public schools.

If a child shows symptoms or tests positive, we will of course ask them to self-quarantine for two weeks until they recover (and we'll do our best to keep them going online in the meantime as possible).

But ultimately, it is up to the families to decide which precautions are right for them. We also offer 1-on-1 classes online for folks who want to maximize safety measures in that way.

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