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Individual K-12 Courses, Clubs, Sports, and Music in Osceola, Wisconsin.
Acoustic Guitar (Private Lessons)
One hour per week (All Year) 6 maximum students Recommended for Grades 4 - 12 $25/hr Taught by Alex Gold
I have played guitar for around 17 years now; I play in churches regularly and have written music with several bands over the years.

When I teach guitar, I focus on three main areas:

1) Fun! I try to find songs the kids already know and teach those as soon as possible (since those tend to be the "fun" ones!).

2) Knowledgable. I place a heavy emphasis on music theory, at least through the basics (notes, major/minor scales, extensions, modalities, etc.). This allows them to grow much more quickly on their own and understand what they are playing.

3) Multi-instrumental. As soon as they can play anything, I'll start accompanying them with piano, drums, lead guitar, bass, etc. The sooner they feel what it's like to play with other people, the sooner they get hooked!

Students who develop sufficient skill will be able to join the group "Group Music" group where multiple students can play together (which is great training for youth group or church music, forming a band of their own, etc.).

* This course is currently waiting for additional students. Please contact us if you are interested!

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