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Alex Gold
Jack of All Trades

(612) 399-6321

Hi! My name is Alex Gold and Iíve lived in Osceola, WI for around four years now.

I spent most of my adulthood studying various disciplines and teaching at various 6th-12th and college levels; these days most of my time is taken up in Aurum Academy (and its offshoots, such as Kingdom Math).

However, when Iím not working with academics, music, sports, and so on, I enjoy attending and volunteering at my church (New Life Community Church), learning about the stock market, playing a video game here and there, and working with web design as I have the need.

I have been Ďaround the blockí with coaching and teaching since I received my Masterís Degree; Aurum Academy is really the beginning of my lifeís dream to educate kids in a fun, relational way while covering enough ground that I never get bored!

Master of Divinity, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
B.A. Biblical and Theological Studies, University of Northwestern, St. Paul

- Math 6th-12th full time for four years.
- Latin 5th-12th and a professorship at University of Northwestern, St. Paul for seven years.
- Volleyball head JV coach for seven years.
- Gymnastics team coach for four years.
- Varsity softball coach for one year.
- 4th-5th grade basketball coach for one year.
- Guitar/bass/drums teacher for 16 years.

Mathematics 3rd Grade Math4th Grade Math5th Grade Math6th Grade MathPre-Algebra (7th)Algebra 1 (8th)Geometry (9th)Algebra 2 (10th)Pre-Calculus (11th)Calculus (12th)StatisticsConsumer Math1-on-1 Math
Bible Old Testament (with Ancient History)New TestamentBiblical TheologySystematic Theology
Philosophy ApologeticsEthicsEconomicsPolitical TheoryIntroduction to PhilosophySymbolic Logic and Rhetoric
Science Physics
Languages Classical LatinNew Testament Greek
English English (3rd Grade)English (4th Grade)English (5th Grade)English (6th Grade)English (7th Grade)English (8th Grade)English (9th Grade)English (10th Grade)English (11th Grade)English (12th Grade)
History American History (with Civics)
Guitar Acoustic Guitar (Private Lessons)
Bass Bass Guitar (Private Lessons)
Drums Drums (Private Lessons)
Group Modern Band (6th-12th Grade)
Volleyball Volleyball (1st-2nd Grade) (Osceola, WI)Volleyball (3rd-5th Grade) (Osceola, WI)Volleyball (6th-12th) (Osceola, WI)Volleyball (3rd-5th Grade) (Roberts, WI)Volleyball (6th-12th) (Roberts, WI)Volleyball (1st-2nd Grade) (Roberts, WI)
Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee (3rd-12th Grade)
Basketball Basketball (3rd-5th Grade)
Softball Softball (3rd-5th Grade)Softball (6th-12th Grade)
Gymnastics Gymnastics (See All Classes)
Speech / Debate Speech and Debate (6th-12th Grade)
Theater Theater (3rd-12th Grade)
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